Landscaping Company

Landscape Takeoff Services LLC Is Your Affordable Landscape Company For Efficient Results.

We save you time and money. In the contracting and construction business time and money can be interchangeable words, and our Landscape project estimations can save you both. Everyone has their own talent. If working with the land and man-made materials to bring together a project in a way that is impressive is your skill then you likely want to do it as often as possible but you have to also put in the work behind the scenes to bid on various projects against other contractors. If you are ready to get back out there and create great change and improvement then contact us to help you bid more efficiently and more often.

We charge by the square foot instead of by the hour. How does this benefit you? If you hire an hourly company you never know how long the job may take in the end and you cannot account for their efficiency. If you hire a company that charges for the work done and promises timely delivery chances are you will pay less to get the results faster. There are many elements in landscape construction and without accurate bidding and clear communication a project can get out of hand easily, we help balance that risk for you and your client to ensure you get paid fairly and your client's requests are taken into account in the first bid to begin with. We are a company that understands the ins and outs of the landscaping construction business and will work diligently to accurately give you the numbers and specs you need to make informed decisions and bids, faster and more often.