100 SF for $0.85*


100 SF for $0.80*


*4-Business Day standard turnaround. Expediting options are available for additional cost. 

*Minimum $25 flat fee for each planting and irrigation for projects 3,000 SF or less. 

* Monthly Service Discount Options available based on volume


Landscape Takeoff Services offers measurements and counts (Takeoffs) for Contractors as a service to help save cost and free up time to focus on other important aspects of their estimates. We take pride delivering our clients accurate Takeoffs in a timely manner.  Our goal for our client is to automate and streamline the takeoff process, save time and cut costs, reduce/eliminate the need to pay/train an employee to do Takeoffs, increase bid volume and provide extra time to focus on the critical thinking  aspects to their bids.

accurate & 



Our Takeoff services focuses strictly on Landscape construction, so our client can be at ease knowing the counts and measurements are done by professionals trained specifically to Takeoff Landscape construction plans. Accuracy, quick turnaround and clear communication are what Landscape Takeoff Services strives to accomplish.

Simple & Clear Prices

Others may offer an attractive low cost per hour, but without a fixed price and without monitoring how many hours were truly spent to do the Takeoffs. Pricing can vary without your control, which makes it impossible to justify the savings versus doing in-house. We provide an agreed fixed price per 100 square feet. No matter the size or how many sheets, it will always be locked in with a fixed price.  Allowing the client to know exactly what they will be paying before deciding to use our services.

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